High frequency combined transport

The Physical Internet concept applied to combined transport

The RsR Cargo system must be seen as the rail link in the Physical Internet concept applied to combined transport.

The Physical Internet concept is the long-term vision of the European Alice Technology Platform (http://www.etp-logistics.eu/alice/en/home/). In particular, Alice aims to enable interconnected and synchronized logistics services throughout the EU via a seamless intelligent network. In the context of combined transport, services and facilities on corridors and hubs integrated in a global network are to be imagined.

The intermodal system RsR Cargo is intended to become the rail link of the Physical Internet, providing supply chain actors with a network of automated exchange hubs within which semi-trailers and ITUs will be routed individually through the meshes of this network.


  • RsR Cargo Hubs: Automation of rail-road transhipments in public and private terminals under catenary.

  • Routing: Containers and semi-trailers go to their final destination according to an optimal route provided by the system.

  • The equitable sharing of value aims to ensure a good level of collaboration between the actors of the supply chain.
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